Hey, I'm John Mendez.


Serial entrepreneur, realtor, investor, podcast host, and social media expert, I'm deeply passionate about helping other like-minded individuals achieve a life of abundance. Through the power of the mind and social media, I'm empowering others to obtain financial freedom and build the lives they’ve always dreamed of living.  

My Story


When asked about his favorite aspect of his career, John Mendez reflected upon his experiences and dedicated that title to the ability to help others realize their potential, grow wealth, and live abundant lives. Having the ability to pass on his valuable insights and contribute to the success of others is, by far, one of the most fulfilling parts of what he does. As long as he can remember, John has always enjoyed connecting with others and holding meaningful conversations. He also grew up playing football and participating in team sports, where qualities such as discipline, hard work, and honesty were taught and enforced. John has carried all of these values into his career, and he is now a proud podcast host, social media guru, realtor, investor, and serial entrepreneur.

With the self-proclaimed "gift of gab," John is ecstatic to offer his expertise in marketing through classes designed to help his students excel in the social media space. These advanced instructional courses were created to empower young entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams of living a life of ease and financial freedom. From a realtor and real estate investor to a podcast host and owner of a professional development company for realtors and business owners, John has developed a unique perspective on how to generate wealth through bountiful thinking. By way of his podcast, Walk 2 Wealth, John is celebrated for sharing personal and guest experiences regarding the process of establishing a prosperous standard of living.

Moreover, his business, Stop and Stare Media, provides superior educational opportunities for realtors and entrepreneurs on how to become authorities within their respective fields by ideating and creating highly-engaging short-form videos. With social media marketing now being a key factor in the success of any business, John's vision for Stop and Stare Media is to help business owners and real estate investors elevate their efforts and achieve their financial goals. Impressively, John has taught at many different seminars for realtors across the United States and Canada, all of which had over 400 professionals in attendance.

Having generated over 500,000 views (YTD) on Instagram Reels alone, he has quickly formed a reputation for being a master at short-form video creation. In fact, he's posted over 400 videos (YTD) and even taught a class on TikTok for his office. Proud of his Dominican and Guatemalan heritage, John has completed an interview for "Command en Español," where he discussed the topic of creating a personal brand and self-marketing in Spanish. As someone who is deeply passionate about helping others obtain their loftiest goals, John's ongoing mission is to enlighten his audience and enable them to achieve financial independence.

When he is away from the office or not creating compelling social media content, John enjoys relaxing by reading a good book, watching anime, and listening to podcasts. In addition, he loves to take care of his body by working out and playing basketball or football. As a dedicated "Cat Daddy," John finds great solace in spending time with his feline friend, Dexter. He can also often be found exploring the world through travel or hanging out with his friends and having insightful chats about dreams and ambitions.

Even when he is away from work, John is consistently researching the financial sector to stay updated on best practices and market trends. After all, he is committed to transforming the way others think about money as a way to empower them to step into their true potential as future entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and innovators. For more information about John Mendez and his impactful approach to growing wealth through social media marketing, we invite you to join the Stop and Stare Media Facebook group.

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