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Louise Weiss

"I was struggling with pretty much anything techy...I discoverd that using AI is very full proof as long as you have a system in place. And John gave us that system."

Silva Christov

"What I love about John Mendez the most is his consistency and persistency and professionalism and discipline."

Joey Hernandez

"I used ChatGPT to create 33 weeks of content in under 2 hours. ChatGPT created my business plan, 36 touch campaign, home buyer seminars and so much more!"

Reginald Reglus

"I would definitely recommendĀ John to anyone...He's straightforward, engaging, and knows what he's talking about."

Kanydah Stroman

"John is relatable, he's intelligent, he's knowledgeable, and he's all over social media."

Lydia Rouzeau

"My experience with using AI was basically non-existent...This transformed my approach to business. Now I feel more confident that I can really do this!"

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